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What is a Parador in Spain?

What is a Parador in Spain?

What is a Parador in Spain

The question of “What is a Parador in Spain” is more common than you may think, and thus, a well-kept secret. Parador hotels in Spain are government run and normally located in a building of great historical significance. If you are lucky enough to find yourself staying in a Parador in Spain, you may be the guest in an old Arab fortress, a Castillian castle or a renovated Monastery. The simple answer to the question of what is a Parador is simple – government run historical hotels. Yet they are so much more than that.

Now, the phrase government-run hotel may, at first reaction conjur up images of a state run monolithic institution, with little character, bad service and terrible food. However, Parador hotels in Spain are the complete antithesis of this. To most Spaniards, Parador hotels are the perfect getaway combining stunning locations, wonderful architecture, excellent service and top class local cuisine. All at a reasonable price.

The History of Parador Hotels

The first Parador hotel was opened in 1926 in Gredos under the guidance of Marques de la Vega Inclán, originally intended as a association of hotels in areas and edifices which the private sector were unwilling, or unable to operate in. The group took on an air of good deed as the aim was not only to provide a wonderful experience but also to rehabilitate historic buildings for the use and enjoyment of society. After that first Parador in Gredoscame Oropesa and Ubeda in 1930, Ciudad Rodrigo in 1931 and the Parador in Merida in 1933. By the late 1950’s there were forty Parador hotels in total, and with Franco’s tourism push, the 1960’s saw the opening of forty three more Parador hotels – taking the total to eighty three by the end of the decade. In the 1980’s the group opened two of it’s most emblematic Parador hotels, those of Leon and Santiago de Compostela.

What is a Parador in Spain – Now

What is a Parador in Spain

There are now nearly one hundred Parador hotels in Spain, with more in the pipeline. Although the organisation changed a little in term of it’s business model in the 1990’s, the hotels continue to be held in incredibly high esteem in Spain, and increasingly, in international circles. A lengthy trip to Spain without staying in a Parador is a missed opportunity. Their mix of the historical and the contemporary are wonderful and it is possible to travel the country moving fom one phenomenally historical hotel to another.

The It Rains In Spain Top Ten Parador Hotels

If you came to this article wondering what is a Parador in Spain, we hope you’ll leave having decided to book and stay in one of these magnificent hotels during your trip. Here follows the It Rains in Spain Top Ten Parador Hotels:


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So, in conclusion – What is a Parador in Spain?

It’s a chance for you to have a unique experience on your trip to Spain. To stay in a building of incredible beauty and pulsating with history, to sample first rate restaurants with local cuisine and to experience top class customer service.

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