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Guide to Valencia

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Guide to Valencia. It Rains in Spain.

Guide to Valencia – Introduction

Home of the internationally recognised Spanish dish of Paella, Valencia is the third largest city in Spain. It’s a fun loving place with a wonderful climate, big city feel and plenty of attractions, monuments and beaches to keep you occupied for a long while. Oh, and they claim to have the Holy Grail too.

Originally known as Valentia (Latin for strength or bravery) on account of the fact that it was populated and created by retired Roman soldiers who had been battling to put down the rebellions of the famed Iberian leader, Viriato, Valencia grew rapidly. Known to the Muslim as the city of the sands, the city was only reclaimed by the Chrisitan in the mid 13th century. As a powerful port in the age of booming maritime trade along the Mediterranean, Valencia´s wealth grew, and it is still today one of the largest ports in Europe.

Today, Valencia enjoys relative autonomy as the capital of the Comunitat Valenciana, and a number of recent developments, such as the sparkling city of arts and sciences have brought international focus once again to the city. The old town is huge, a large expanse of historic building and winding atmosheric streets. The nightlife is terrific, the weather is wonderful and there is a great deal to see and do.

What to See and Do in Valencia

  1. The historic quarter in Valencia is huge, and the oldest part is the Barrio del Carmen, a veritable masterpiece of architectural gems and winding streets. Strap on your walking boots, head to Calle Caballeros and lose yoursefl in the beauty.
  2. Head to the beautiful Plaza de la Virgen, and visit the Cathedral, heading to the Capillo del Santo Caliz inside to gaze at what is claimed to be the Holy Grail. (Christ´s famed chalice)
  3. Emerge back into the Plaza de la Virgen and take a look at the Palau de la Generalitat – the centre of Valencian government and a eye catchingly Gothic mastepiece
  4. Vist Valencias newest marvel, the huge shimmering creation that is the Ciudad de las Artes y Ciencias (City of Arts and Sciences) with an unbelievable vast and fabulous Aquarium, a Planetarium, and a wonderful Science Museum, amongst other things.
  5. Enter foodie heaven in Valencias Mercado Central, with its array of produce, sight and sounds.
  6. Culture it up at the Museo de Bellas Artes, with its memorable collection of the true greats of Spanish painting.
  7. If youre here around the middle of March, bring your earplugs! The citys festival – Las Fallas – is a remarkable celebration in which local areas create their own, gigantic papier mache figures, drink, eat and proceed to burn the figures in a haze of flames and fireworks. Madness, but a great deal of fun.
  8. Have a night out in the Barrio del Carmen. With a wonderful climate, large student population and a general joie de vivre, an evening touring the bars of Valencia is an absolute treat. Simply head to the Barrio del Carmen and follow your nose.
  9. Go to the Beach! Although Valencias city beach (La Malvarrosa) is far from spectacular, it is always busy and has a number of eateries and drinking spots around to keep you happy.
  10. Explore the elegant and historically bourgeois streets around the noble Plaza del Ayuntamiento, with its chic shops and beautiful people.

Where to Stay in Valencia

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Reader’s Tips

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