It Rains In Spain

Introducing Valencia

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Guide to Valencia. It Rains in Spain.


The Comunitat Valenciana is a large coastal region, thronging with sun seekers all year round. Speaking a dialect of Catalan, Valenciano, there has always been a simmering nationalism in this area of the country but it lacks the impetus and desire harboured in Catalonia, to the north. The region has had its fair share of invaders and visitors and so retains a mix of Arabic and Castillian influences. On the whole it can be a little hit and miss, for every Morella and the interesting inland villages, there are a number of unattractive towns harbouring very little of interest for the visitor. But scratch hard enough and there are treasures to be found: the capital city, Valencia, is fun and raucous, famous for it’s atmospheric old town (Barrio del Carmen) and it’s annual firework/burning festival Las Fallas (see picture above), as well as the impressive Ciudad de las Artes y Ciencias (City of the Arts and Sciences).

Most visitors come for the coast however, and the north of the region (Costa Azahar) has a number of quieter, less visited (note less, not little) resorts, whilst to the south (Costa Blanca) the monolithic resorts of Benidorm and Torrevieja do exactly what they say on the tin, but one cannot deny the beauty of their wide ample beaches. A great and pleasant surprise can be found in Alicante, for as the tour buses shuttle the hoardes away from the airport to the resorts, the elegant and joyful city of Alicante is left largely untouched. A remarkably traditional, Spanish city, Alicante is both a delight and a surprise.