It Rains In Spain

Guide to the Navarrese Pyrenees

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Guide to the Navarrse Pyrenees. It Rains in Spain.

The Navarrese Pyrenees – Introduction

The Basque language dominates in the pretty valleys and towering peaks of the Navarrese Pyrenees. The area provides rich opportunities for avid walkers and outdoor enthusiasts, in part due to the breadth of topography and also because of the excellent facilities and abundant accomodation. Local flora and fauna is wide ranging, it’s villages are little altered by the ages and all in all its a great area to spend some time.

As with all mountains and isolated areas, please take great care to prepare adequately and have emergency numbers to hand. The weather can change in a flash and you must be prepared for all conditions.

What to See and Do in the Navarrese Pyrenees

Valle de Roncal – Epic peaks in an Alpine setting, this area is both the most awe inspiring and the most dangerous. The local villages of Roncal and Isaba are mysterious atmospheric places with good accomodation options.

Valle de Baztan – Popular amongst ramblers and hikers, the forests that carpet the valley offer pleasant routes and more challenging treks if you so please.

Valle de Salazar – A popular area both for it’s abundant fauna, impressive walks and beautiful central town of Ochagavia, which provides a broad array of accomodation options and a pleasant place to base yourself.

Selva de Irati – If youre feeling adventurous and ready to tackle nature, head to this forested zone, minding the wild animals that pepper the area (wild boar can attack, be careful).