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Guide to Lorca – Introduction

With little short of 100,000 people and situated in the south of Murcia close to the border with Andalucia, Lorca sits in a dusty area of the region and harbours an intriguing castle and an impressive Plaza España.

Lorca has always been something of a border town, from its Roman beginnings through to Muslim occupation, the town lived through dangerous days in the later Middle Ages as the final bastion of Christian Spain under the Kingdom of Murcia, perched right on the edge of Muslim Spain to the south.

Modern day Lorca is a pleasant enough stop on the route towards Andalucia, with a thoroughly pleasant climate and a number of interesting sights.

What to See and Do in Lorca

  1. To the castle! The town’s main attraction is the imposing Castillo dating back to the 13th century. First constructed by the Muslims and added to by the Christians, it is said that the Muslim defenders of the city made their last stand inside the castle before Lorca fell. Today it is an interactive exhibition with period actors and all sorts of gadgetry.
  2. Stroll around the impressive Plaza España, a square made up of elegant 16th-18th century constructions.
  3. In the Plaza España look out for the Colegiata de San Patricio, the only Church in Spain to feature the patronage of the Irish St. Patrick – declared a point of Spanish historical interest in the 1940’s.
  4. Wander around Lorca’s old town taking in the baroque architecture, and noting the ancient walls with a fine gate of Islamic origin (Puerta de San Antonio).

Where to Stay in Lorca

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Reader’s Tips

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