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Aranjuez Palace and the town of Aranjuez

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Aranjuez Palace Madrid

Located just 50 kilometres from Madrid is the stunning Aranjuez Palace, residence of the Spanish Royal family for years and a wonderful day trip from the Spanish capital – easily reachable by bus, train and car. The town attached to it is pleasant enough and a lovely place to stay if you’d prefer a quiet night out of the city with plenty of opportunities for outdoor pursuits.

History and Sights – The Aranjuez Palace

The Aranjuez Palace has, for years been a royal retreat to the south of Madrid, designed for the Royals and their aristocratic entourage to escape the city and enjoy the gardens, fresh air and calm pace of this pleasant spot.

aranjuez palace

Although Carlos V originally eyed up the area around the Aranjuez Palace as a possible site for a royal residence, it wasn’t until Felipe II decided to start construction that the Aranjuez Palace came to life. He chose Juan Bautista de Toledo as the principal architect on the project – his untimely death led to Juan de Herrera taking the reins and overseeing the building of the Aranjuez Palace – much like with Felipe II’s other mammoth creation, the Monastery at El Escorial.

What was built of the Aranjuez Palace by Felipe II however was vastly altered in the 18th century, into the dazzling jewel that it is today, respelendent with ornate furnishings and displaying the taste and extravagance of the rulers of Spain through the last three centuries. If you wish to enter the palace you’ll take a guided tour which wonderfully explains the diverse and exuberant rooms which abound in Aranjuez Palace. You’ll journey through rooms littered with Arabic mementos, porcelain treasures, fine period furnishings and precious artwork.

What truly depicts the wealth and meaning of Aranjuez Palace are the wonderful gardens by the Palace, dotted with plant species introduced throughout the centuries. On a hot summer day, the visitor can appreciate just why the Royal family and numerous aristocrats enjoyed coming to Aranjuez Palace to relax amongst the shady gardens and water-dominated paths, out of the sun.

The Aranjuez Palace and Aranjuez – What to Eat and Drink

We know how tough it can be in a bar or restaurant when you’re visiting a foreign country. Here’s our guide of what local specialities to look for on the menu in Aranjuez.

Conejo al Ajillo – Garlic Rabbit, one of the reasons that the Royals were so attracted to Aranjuez Palace was the excellent hunting opportunities

Esparragos – Aranjuez’s speciality is asparagus and you’ll find it many many different forms.

Fresas – Strawberries are wonderful in this part of the country and manyMadrileños head to Aranjuez for the sumptous fruit.

The Aranjuez Palace and Aranjuez – Where to Stay

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aranjuez palace aranjuez palace aranjuez palace aranjuez palace

Reader’s Tips

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