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Introducing Madrid

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Guide to Madrid Spain. What to see in Madrid.

The Comunidad Autonoma of Madrid encompasses far more than simply Spain’s capital city. Although most visitors will naturally gravitate to the largest city in the country for it’s superb arts, nightlife and cultural scene, there are a number of fascinating day trips which can be enjoyed within easy reach of Madrid.

One must start with the capital, a pounding, dizzying mix of movement, lights and creativity. With world famous art galleries, shopping and nightlife, Madrid seemingly divides the nation – not just geographically and politically. To really get a hold on this diverse and fascinating nation then a visit to Madrid is a must – if only for the regions piercing blue sky and warm, engaging residents.

The region rises up in the North to the Sierra Guadarrama, a surprisingly mountaineous and rugged area so close to a major capital city. With the imposing monastery complex and village of San Lorenzo del Escorial and the numerous outdoor activities available it makes a welcome change from the buzz (and summer heat) of Madrid. To the east, the University city of Alcala de Henares is a sublime day trip, combining it’s history as the birthplace of Miguel de Cervantes (of Don Quixote fame) with its wonderfully preserved old town and university flavour.

The south of the region descends down towards arid Castilla La Mancha and becomes noticeably more parched, yet no less interesting. Villages such as Chinchon and Aranjuez – the latter with its Royal Palace and gardens and the former with its captivating central square – are both pleasant stops.

Madrid as a region encompasses both modernity and tradition, centralised power and wild hedonism – always welcoming outsiders. It’s only downfall? You’re as far away from the coast as you can possibly be in Spain. Well, there had to be something, but you’ll be so busy and blown away by all thats going on, you’ll hardly notice.

Highlights of Madrid

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