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Guide to Logroño

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Guide to Logroño La Rioja Spain. It Rains in Spain Guide.

Guide to Logroño – Introduction

Sitting on the mighty Ebro river, Logroño, capital of La Rioja, is a pleasant and inviting provincial city with a love for it’s famous wines and a dense old town packed with eateries and bodegas. With a population nearing 200,000, Logroño is well known in Spain for it’s high quality of life and above average wealth, thanks largely to the very profitable vineyards that fill the region.

Occupied and expanded by both Roman and Celts, Logroño was the scene of a fierce tussle in the Middle Ages between the Kings of Navarra and Castile, of which the latter eventually prevailed. Yet Logroño’s most famous episode is perhaps it’s darkest, too. The Basque witchcraft trials which gripped the region in 1609-1610 as part of the Spanish Inquisition were centred on Logroño and unleashed untold paranoia and violence in the region. Nowadays, it is the fine Rioja wine which casts it’s spell in the city, and you won’t get in half as much trouble for experimenting with this particular concoction.

There aren’t really a great deal of heart stopping sights to behold in Logroño itself, but what it lacks for in obvious attractions it makes up for in it’s fun and gregarious atmosphere, often amplified by visitors during peak season as Logroño forms part of the famed Camino de Santiago. A pleasurable spot to spend a few days.

What to See and Do in Logroño

  1. Hit the town. With more than sixty taperías (tapas bars) and vinotecas (wine bars) in the densely packed couple of blocks that comprise the old town, there can be no greater pleasure than slowly popping in and out of a few, sampling the famous gastronomy of the area and trying the superb Rioja wines – head to Calle Laurel and Calle Portales for the most lively scene.
  2. Head to the impressive Catedral de Santa Maria Redonda, and appreciate it’s dense Baroque appearance, also catching a glimpse of the tomb of Diego Ponce de Leon, the famed commander and politician.
  3. Have a look at the small portion of medieval city walls that still remain, the Murallas de Revellin and Puerta de Revellin.
  4. Take a trip out to the wine growing area around Haro and visit a bodega, learning the art of wine making and perhaps sampling the odd glass.

Where to Stay in Logroño

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Reader’s Tips

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