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Guide to Santiago de Compostela

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Guide to Santiago de Compostela Spain. It Rains in Spain.

Guide to Santiago de Compostela – Introduction

Santiago de Compostela is one of the great sights in Spain. During the middle ages the Galician city was only inferior in Christian importance to Rome and Jersualem, the site of the supposed remains of Santiago Apóstol, an executed martyr brought to the shores of North-western Spain by his disciples, to be buried in a spot that is now Santiago de Compostela.

Down the centuries, the faithful have made the pilgrimage across Europe and the Northern Spanish coast to pay homage to the holy remains and prove their faith. Nowadays, the pilgrimage is still made, yet not always in the name of religion. The Camino de Santiago has become a challenge for the religious and non-religious alike.

The city is an architectural dream, uniformity abounding with the local granite used liberally to create a mystical, magical old town, dominated by the Praza do Obradoiro surrouindede by an incredible density of historical edifices. The town truly is picture perfect. Santiago has another great advantage – all too often, historical old towns become something of a relic, a living museum catering purely to the tourist. Yet Santiago is a living breathing city, inhabited by proud locals and lively students. It is not only a fascinating place, but also a fun and jovial one, densely packed with bars and restaurants. An absolute must-see.

Guide to Santiago de Compostela – Where to Stay

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