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Guide to Lugo

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Guide to Lugo Galicia Spain. It Rains in Spain.

Guide to Lugo – Introduction

Galicia’s fourth largest city, sits inland and is a terrific stop-off point to absorb it’s Roman history and partake in it’s surprisingly lively bar scene. Lugo was an important Roman settlement, and it’s fabulously well-preserved Roman walls surround the city, making any visit to the old town enchanting and atmospheric. The walls were built for a reason, however, and thus Lugo has seen it’s fair share of invaders, from the Suevi to the Normans and the Muslims, Lugo has consistently faced attack and occupation.

Nowadays, Lugo is a well-maintained provinicial city, and one where you are very likely to come into contact with Gallego (the Galcian language) as it is widely spoken on the streets. It’s possible to walk the whole length of the Roman Walls, peering in towards the old town with it’s collection of churches, pretty squares and pilgrims heading towards Santiago de Compostela (Lugo is a stop-off point on the Camino’s northern route). A lovely stop when exploring Galcia’s little-visited interior.

Guide to Lugo – Where to Stay

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