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Guide to A Coruña

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Guide to A Coruña – Introduction

On Galicia’s north coast, A Coruña is the region’s biggest city and, along with Vigo, is the place where it all happens in modern day Galicia. Known by visiting seamen as the city of glass due to it’s striking and abundant glass fronted balconies overlooking the coast, A Coruña is a pleasant and engaging city, which can be used as a good base to explore the lesser-visted northern coast of Galicia.

A Coruña has an intriguing history – mentioned as far back as the tales of Breogán in Irish folklore, the 2nd century Roman lighthouse (Torre de Hercules) pays testament to the strategic importance of A Coruña throughout the years. A Coruña’s other claim to fame, as with many sea-faring cities is one of plunder and invasi0n. Sir Francis Drake attempted to occupy the city in the late 16th Century only to be fought off by the heroic actions of the city’s favourite daughter Maria Pita, a heroine who lives on in A Coruña through the various squares and monuments in her name.

Guide to A Coruña – Where to Stay

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