It Rains In Spain

Introducing Galicia

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Guide to Galicia. It Rains in Spain Guide.

Galicia is a wonderful example of why exists. It provides one extreme of the Spanish spectrum, an example of how diverse and remarkably interesting this country truly is. Soaked by persistent rain, the hue of the hills is a dark foreboding green, adding to what is already a high level of intensity in the region. Galicia feels foreboding. From the relentless weather to the religious importance of Santiago de Compostela, from the Portuguese inflected Galego spoken to the crashing waves and hardy fishermen, Galicia abounds with interest.

The coastal areas are wild and rugged, their pristine white sand only truly covered in the short summer by Spanish tourists escaping the heat of the south. The cities are small yet welcoming, A Coruña and Vigo are modern and lively whilst perhaps Galicia’s finest treasure, Santiago de Compostela is a buzzing, stunning, architectural feast. The villages in the rural areas could be from a bygone era, and the swathes of forest provide ideal walking opportunities.

Galicia, is however, all about the sea and with its rich maritime cuisine there is perhaps no better place in Europe to gorge yourself on pulpo a la gallega (octopus) and a fine glass of the local light white wine, albariño. Come for the coast, stay for the seafood, don’t even think about the weather.

Highlights of Galicia

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