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Guide to Trujillo Spain. It Rains in Spain.

Guide to Trujillo – Introduction

Trujillo, in Caceres is a picture perfect town of 10,000 inhabitants, dominated by the wealth and history of their most famous son, Francisco Pizarro. The town is simply stunning, with a Plaza Mayor more pretty than a postcard, atmospheric winding streets and an intriguing history. On top of all this, Trujillo, much like all of Extremadura is a little visited area of Spain so you’ll feel immersed in the local way of the life without the hoardes of tourists so prevalent further south in Andalucia.

Trujillo’s history mirrors that of much of Extremadura. Founded by the Romans, the then Turgalium fell to the Islamic invaders in the early 8th century and stayed in Muslim hands for the majority of the next five centuries. During the Christian reconquest, Trujillo gained notoriety for the alleged sighting of the Virgin Mary on Trujillo’s castle by battle-weary soldiers, inspiring them to mount a final push and retake the town.

Trujillo continued to grow in importance and lived through it’s golden age with the discovery of the New World and all the riches that flooded into Extremadura from the returning explorers. One such explorer was the legendary Francisco Pizarro who returned from Peru to spend his wealth, building along with his fellow conquistadores many of the noble palaces that still stand proud around the Plaza Mayor.

Guide to Trujillo – Where to Stay

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