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Guide to Merida Extremadura Spain. It Rains in Spain Guide.

Guide to Merida – Introduction

With the greatest collection of Roman ruins in Spain, Merida, capital of the region is at once both a vital stop in Extremadura and a vision into the area’s past. With it’s unique architecture and whitewashed colour, Merida is very much of the south, but with an identity and history all of it’s own.

The creation of Merida is a story in itself. The name Merida is derived from the city’s original name of Emerita Augustus (the veterans of Augustus) and was populated by retired soldiers from Emperor Augustus’ armies of the north. It was both a reward for dedicated service and provided an extra bulwark of men to defend the southern reaches of the Roman empire. Merida grew into the most noteable Roman city in Iberia, serving as the capital of Lusitania, and one of the most important cities in all of the Roman empire. After the fall of the Western Roman Empire, the standard Extremaduran history of occupation by Visigoths, Muslims, and Christians followed.

Although the city of Merida never regained the status it held in Roman times, it is today both the capital of Extremadura and a lively, pleasant city with a whole host of interesting sights and attractions.

Guide to Merida – Where to Stay

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