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Guide to Extremadura, Spain. It Rains in Spain Guides.

Guide to Caceres – Introduction

Caceres is an absolute treat of a city. This little visited city in Extremadura with a population nearing 100,000 has one of the best reserved historic quarters to be found anywhere in Spain. Entering the walled old town is like stepping back in time into a medieval world untouched by the years and the trappings of modernity. With it’s impressive collection of monuments and beautifully preserved edifices the old city has not one trace of contemporary architecture and if you’re lucky to find yourself strolling the cobbled streets alone when darkness descends, the romance and beauty is at it’s zenith.

Caceres was founded as a settlement by the Romans, and although one or two traces of the city’s Roman past remains, Caceres really entered it’s golden age during the occupation of the Muslims and later when it was home to many noble families wealthy with the riches of the Americas. The Muslims took Caceres from the Visigoths in the 8th century and went about constructing the majority of Caceres’ stunning old town that you see today. Towers, city walls, palaces and courtyards all sprung up, and when the Chrisitans retook Caceres in 1229 they found a multi-cultural, tolerant city with a vibrant and productive Jewish quarter. Yet Caceres took another leap forward in prestige with the discovery of the Americas and the riches that flowed into Extremadura from the merchants and explorers of the New World. The noble palaces still remain, and in many cases are still owned by those exploring families.

It Rains in Spain was created to tell the world about lesser known areas of the country, and hidden wonders. Caceres in particular, and Extremadura in general, is near the top of that list. Unmissable and magnificent.

Guide to Caceres – Where to Stay

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