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Barcelona City Guide

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 Please consider checking and booking your hotel prices through our recommended links below. Clicking will redirect you to our partner hotel website, which searches all hotel providers for the very best prices. Your searching through our links keeps It Rains in Spain free and functioning! Gracias!

It Rains In Spain normally only ever recommends three hotels. See why here. One Budget option, one Midrange and one Luxury. Due to the size of Barcelona, we recommend two hotels in each category. Please bear in mind that the prices in Barcelona (and Madrid) are generally between 20-40% more expensive than in other cities in Spain, so your budget may be strained a little harder.

The Best Barcelona Budget Hotels

The budget choices in the larger cities (particularly Madrid and Barcelona) tend to range from flea-pits to genuinely good value guesthouses. Many of the cheaper places in Barcelona tend to double up as hostel/guesthouses, offering shared dorms AND individual rooms if need be. Shared bathrooms or individual bathrooms are usually available too. Our two choices below are clean, safe and great choices (if we may say so ourselves!)

If you decide not to take our advice on these choices of guesthouse, please be careful and fully research your budget accomodation (look at location, research if it’s safe, and do your homework on the review front). The two choices below are highly rated, well located favourites of ours.


 The Best Barcelona Midrange Hotels

Due to the fact that Barcelona is a luxury destination, what passes as a midrange hotel in the Catalan capital would generally be regarded in most other cities as a Luxury option. Prices can vary wildly in this category, as can quality – with many hotels seemingly thinknig it’s enough to have a few stars and a good location in order to charge an arm and a leg for something incredibly average. Our two choices below consistently deliver quality and are noted for their service, quality and stable pricing.

 The Best Barcelona Luxury Hotels

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