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Guide to Girona

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Guide to Girona Spain. It Rains in Spain.

Guide to Girona – Introduction

A popular day trip from Barcelona, the city of Girona in the north of Catalonia is a historical delight, thoroughly Catalan and well worth some of your attention. It’s main highlight is the impressive old town which harbours a vast array of both Gothic and Romanesque edifices. Added to that a couple of charming museums, a lively student population, and the wide selection of day trips from the city, and you have a worhtwhile destination.

Girona has for centuries seen attack and domination from visitors to the Iberian peninsula, it’s geographic location deeming it important for would-be occupìers. From the Romans who used it as a thoroughfare down to their Iberian holdings, to the Muslims who held Girona until the late 8th Century, numerous cultures have left their mark on the city.

Girona can be visited on a day trip from Barcelona or alternatively (and more rewardingly) can be used as a base for exploring Northern Catalonia – both inland and coastal. Either way, try to make the trip.

What to See and Do in Girona

  1. Head to the imposing Cathedral and marvel at the widest Gothic nave in Europe, also taking in the Tapestry of the Creation in the Cathedral’s great value and worthwhile Museum.
  2. Take a wander in the wonderful gardens at Passeig Arqueologic, just a short hop from the Cathedral.
  3. Explore Girona’s impressive set of Museums – dealing with Art, the History of the city and even Cinema.
  4. Stroll along the Rio Onyar (River Onyar), venturing across the city bridges to get a picturesque view of the city’s riverfront architecture
  5. Take a day trip out to the Salvador Dalí museum at Figueres, Cadaques, or Roses.

What to Eat and Drink in Girona

We know how tough it can be in a bar or restaurant when you’re visiting a foreign country. Here’s our guide of what local specialities to look for on the menu in Girona.

The province of Girona is rich in gastronomic quality, and as the capital, the city of Girona has an abundance of the specialities from the coast and inland. Keep an eye out for the following:

Butifarra – A Catalan classic, fundamentally a delicious peppered sausage.

Fuet – Similar to Italian Salami, pork infused with garlic and pepper. Divine.

Anchoas de La Escala – Delicious local Anchovies, often used to make sauces.

Llagosta amb Pollastre – Lobster dish served with chicken, a Costa Brava speciality.

Truites de Riu a la llosa – River Trout cooked over hot stones.

Crema Catalana – The classic sweet dish from Catalonia made with sugar and egg yolk.

Ratafia – A favoured liqueur from the coast made with nuts, lemon skins and spices.


Where to Stay in Girona

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Reader’s Tips

This section is specifically designed for our readers to share their top tips with other would-be travellers. If you visited a particularly wonderful restaurant, or stayed in a fantastic hotel, or even ate a tremendous local dish, please let us know here! Any tip whatsoever will be greatly appreciated by our Spain loving community of travellers.

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