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Guide to Salamanca

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Guide to Salamanca Spain

Guide to Salamanca – Introduction

Sitting in the south-west of conservative Castilla Leon is the city of Salamanca, an undoubted highlight of any trip to the region. Salamanca is a party town, crammed full of University students and a popular Erasmus destination, the city combines the old with the new wonderfully, making it both a medieval architectural masterpiece and a mecca for youthful hedonism. As a city, one could suggest it is Spain’s Oxford, but that doesn’t really encapsulate Salamanca. For one, Salamanca is far more raucous than it’s English counterpart and secondly the are no airs of pretension – it’s a city that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Salamanca would have every right to take itself seriously, however. Site of a famous acamdemic institution for bordering on 1,000 years, Salamanca has always been held up as the prestigious model of Spanish academia, and has steadily attracted the great minds of the Iberian peninsula (and many from abroad) for generations.

The city is an architectural gem, with sandstone uniformity abounding. Salamanca is a well-looked after, prosperous place revealing at every turn a noble edifice, smart plaza or a building of historical heritage. Salamanca’s hue seems to change as dusk falls, turning it pinkish-golden, making an evening stroll around it’s historic streets a highlight. A stop over in Salamanca is an absolute must when exploring Castilla Leon. A truly breathtaking, riotous and fantastic city.

Guide to Salamanca – Don’t Miss

  1. Have a look around the University buildings, starting at the Universidad Civil, craning your neck with the other visitors trying to catch a glimpse of the elusive frog, which if spotted, is said to bring good luck.
  2. Take a stroll through the winding streets and marvel at the architectural uniformity and sandstone buildings.
  3. Have a cafe con leche on the Plaza Mayor, people watching and taking in the baroque delight of this majestic square and the hub of Salamanca
  4. Find the Casa de las Conchas (Shell house) taking in the intricate patterns.
  5. Make a nod to Salamanca’s conservative, Catholic heritage by entering the graceful Cathedrals (Nueva and Vieja), strolling aorund their perimeters to take in yet more astounding facade sculptures.
  6. Take a well deserved siesta and retain some energy to sample Salamanca’s legendary nightlife.
  7. Take a day trip to Ciudad Rodrigo, a charming town a little over an hour away, recovering from the night before.

Guide to Salamanca – What to look for on the Menu

We know how tough it can be in a bar or restaurant when you’re visiting a foreign country. Here’s our guide of what local specialities to look for on the menu in Salamanca.

Jamon de Bellota – The legendary corn fed Jamon, truly incredible.

Huevos con Farinato – Eggs served with the local embutido (sausage-chorizo) from Ciudad Real.

Cochinillo al Horno – Slow cooked suckling pig.

Patatas Meneás – Garlic, peppery potatoes served mashed with a hint of bacon.

Lentejas de la Armuña – Local lentils of excellent quality.

Vino Arribes del Duero – A little known local wine type, but rising in reputation.

Guide to Salamanca – Where to Stay

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Reader’s Tips

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