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Guide to Avila

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Guide to Avila Spain. It Rains In Spain Guide

Guide to Avila – Introduction

Avila, an easy day trip from Madrid, is a spectacular walled city where the ancient streets feel steeped in history and intrigue. To be on a dimly lit Avila street in winter when the Castilian mist rolls in is to feel transported in time and dropped in a medieval masterpiece. There can be few finer sights in Spain than the turreted city walls illuminated at night, walls which tell the tale of city designed for siege, and battle.

It is claimed that the city wall of Avila is the longest fully illuminated monument in the world, and the fairytale like city limits are alone worth the trip. Avila has more to offer, however, with a truly picture perfect historic centre, fine cuisne and a broad choice of accomodation. Avila certainly can exude Castilian conservatism, the ghosts of the Inquisition hang heavy in the city’s history, as do the tales of Avila-based knights of the medieval period and the famed Santa Teresa de Avila of the Carmelite order.

With such a weight of history it can be tough to remember Avila still functions in the now, and although a great deal of the city’s population moved to the new suburbs long ago, what remains in Avila’s historic core is both romantic and fascinating, historically-charged and of great beauty. Well worth a day trip from Madrid or a stop-off in a tour of Castilla Leon.

Guide to Avila – Don’t Miss

  1. Walk along the remarkable City Walls, imagining the assaults and attacks they must have withstood. A remarkably well preserved example of fortress city walls, with astounding views.
  2. Stroll around the charming old town, popping into the attractive Cathedral then on to the Convento de Santa Teresa to see where the famous daughter of Avila was born.
  3. Head to the Monasterio de Santo Tomas, completed in the year the Muslims were expelled from Spain and a relic of Queen Isabella’s architectural taste.
  4. Settle in to one of Avila’s numerous Castillian Mesones and order the speciality Cordero Asado – slow cooked lamb.

Guide to Avila – What to Look for on the Menu

We know how tough it can be in a bar or restaurant when you’re visiting a foreign country. Here’s our guide of what local specialities to look for on the menu in Avila.

Cordero Lechal Asado – Slow cooked Lamb in a wood burning oven

Conejo a la Cazadora – Rabbit in a Mushroom, Ham and Garlic Sauce

Cochinillo Asado – The famed Castillian slow cooked suckling pig.

Besugo con Almendras – Red Sea Bream cooked with almonds.

Sopa de Ajo – The famous Castillian Garlic Soup

Arroz con leche a la castellana – Rice Pudding with lemon, orange and cinamon.

Guide to Avila – Where to Stay

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Reader’s Tips

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