It Rains In Spain

Introducing Castilla La Mancha

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Guide to Castilla La Mancha Spain

Castilla La Mancha is the travel purists dream. was created to tell the world about this Spain. Spain of Don Quixote and barren mesetas, of wonderfully diverse cuisine and Arabic influences. Asides from the tourist hotspot of Toledo, this vast region receives relatively few visitors – a remarkable fact when taking into account its history and sense of uniqueness.

The terrain is dry and unforgiving. Barren is the word invented for Castilla La Mancha, full of scorched land and unbearable heat, yet guarding an inspiring concoction of villages, historical tales and friendly locals. Toledo grabs the headlines, with its multi-faith history and overpowering presence, yet Castilla La Mancha guards its gems close. Cuenca, were it in Tuscany would be a world renowned tourist hotspot – a town hanging majestically over a picture perfect chasm. Almagro’s sensational Plaza Mayor and the seemingly endless windmills evoking Quixote around Consuegra all contribute to the beauty of this little known region.

Highlights of Castilla La Mancha

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