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Guide to Gijon

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Introduction to Gijon

Gijon is the largest city in Asturias, and couldn’t be more different to the region’s capital, Oviedo. Gijon is a working port, hard, tough and rough. The locals are down to earth, friendly and incredibly loyal to their city. On entering Gijon, it may look a little, well, shabby, but the recently renovated Cimadevilla area (the old town) is a delight. Gijon is far more boisterous and youthful than Oviedo and at times the two cities seem to purposefully develop their images as polar opposites of each other.

Gijon has been a working port for Chemicals, Iron and Coal since time immemorial and the hum and heave of a port city is evident here. It does have a wonderful seafront promenade leading onto the popular Playa de San Lorenzo beach which is packed in summer and very blustery at all other times.

Gijon has a number of interesting museums, public parks and other attractions, but what you really visit Gijon for is the hustle and bustle and welcoming attitude of the locals. The population is youthful and slowly but surely Gijon is gaining an artisitc and culinary reputation – the city’s edgy feel lending itself to cutting edge creativity.

Gijon City Guide…Don’t Miss

  1.  Stroll around the renovated Cimadevilla (old town) and along the seafront promenade by San Lorenzo beach, taking in the regional architecture and sea views.
  2. Check out the Museo del Pueblo de Asturias and the Museo de la Gaita – the first detailing the history of the Asturian people, and the second, that of their most beloved instrument, the Asturian bagpipe.
  3. Wait until night falls and have a night out sampling Sidra Asturiana (cider) and Queso Cabrales (blue cheese) in one of Cimadevilla’s many Sidrerias.
  4. Wander up above the city to the Elogio del Horizonte, the city’s famous sculpture by Basque Eduardo Chillida, set in a newly renovated park with stunningly panormaic sea views.
  5. Come in Summer and bask on the San Lorenzo beach after a long day at the annual cider festival – Festival de la Sidra Natural

Gijon City Guide…Eating and Drinking

We know how tough it can be in a bar or restaurant when you’re visiting a foreign country. Here’s our guide of what local specialities to look for on the menu in Gijon.

Cider, always. Served from a great height and surprisingly strong!

Caldereta de Pescado (fish stew) and marisco (seafood).

Fabada Asturiana – Bean and Meat stew, typical across Asturias.

Queso Cabrales – The region’s signature blue cheese.


Gijon City Guide – Where to Stay

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Reader’s Tips

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