It Rains In Spain

Introducing Aragon

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Guide to Aragon Spain. It Rains in Spain.

 One of Spain’s largest Comunidades Autonomas, Aragon is little visited by outsiders. Yet its combination of breathtaking mountain scenery, rugged villages, excellent skiing and a hearty cusine makes it well worth some of your time. The Spanish head to the north of Aragon in droves to enjoy the excellent skiing opportunities in the Pyrenees.

There is a great contrast between the mountaineous north of the region, and the flatter areas in the centre and south. Going from an extreme of the French border down to within 50km of Valencia, it is easy to see how one fixed definition of the Aragonese and Aragon is a difficult proposition. The city of Zaragoza is Aragon’s only true urban centre of any real clout, and with its stunning Cathedral and vibrant student life, it comes as a welcome surprise. Away from the urban areas, both Albarracin and Teruel offer an unforgettable village experience, the first for its impressive fortress like location and second primarily for its world famous ham and Mudéjar architecture. The little known wine region of Somontano provides an opportunity for a bodega stop (or two).

If you’re a fan of combining rugged terrain, ancient castles, untouched villages and a drop or two of fine wine, then Aragon is wonderfully deserving, underappreciated place to visit.

 Highlights of Aragon

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