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Guide to Mallorca. It Rains in Spain.

Guide to Mallorca – Introduction

Mallorca is everything disappointing and everything wonderful about Spain on the same island. One moment you can find yourself in the midst of forests, olive trees and untouched inlets, whilst in the next instant you can easily end up in a monolithic concrete jungle seemingly infused with the smell of fish and chips and echoing to the sound of largered up Europeans, burned and boisterous.

If what you’re looking for is a cheap, sun filled getaway with all of your home comforts, cuisine and culture then Mallorca is a sublime choice for a package holiday – it does exactly what it says on the tin. But if you want a more independent, real Mallorcan experience away from the tourist droves and experiencing a little of the legitimate island life, then that is possible too – you just have to work a little harder than in, say, Extremadura.

Up until the middle of the 20th Century, Mallorca was little more than a secluded island living off it’s agriculture and attractive ports. When the then ruler Francisco Franco decided to bolster the national coffers by offering cheap and close sun, sea and sand holidays to Vitamin D starved Northern Europeans, the face of Mallorca changed forever. Since then, the history of the island has been construction followed by more construction and plane load followed by plane load of eager and willing sun worshippers.

It is all too easy to be a little pretentious and snooty about certain parts of Mallorca, but their importance to the national and local economy is incredible. Thanks to the tourist industry, Mallorca is far richer than it could ever have been, but the important question is, at what cost to the local culture and lifestyle? There are reasoned arguments for and against mass tourism, and it is all to easy to lament the destruction of a pretty fishing village without taking into context how hard life was for the fishermen in it. Yet, that is a debate for another day. Mallorca is what it is – in parts utterly stunning and in others utterly depressing. The great thing about Mallorca is that whatever type of holiday you’re looking for, you can find it here.

For the purpose of easy navigation and taking into account that visitors tend to base themselves in one place when visiting Mallorca, the It Rains in Spain guide to Mallorca is divided into geographical areas of the island – in a simple North, South, East, and West format.