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Guide to Ibiza

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Guide to Ibiza. It Rains in Spain Guide.

Guide to Ibiza – Introduction

Ibiza is the ultimate Mediterranean party isle. Everything you’ve heard about it is more or less true. The all night raves, the weird and wonderful visitors, the hedonistic attitude and anything-goes mentality. Yet there is one more thing to add to the list, should you so want it – peace and quiet. As unlikely as it seems, away from the famed party areas, Ibiza offers the visitor a great deal of rural and relaxing choices. Much of the northern part of the island remains rural and forested, and you could be forgiven for wondering what all the hype is about as you meander along a deserted road in the north of Ibiza – seemingly a million miles away from banging clubs and tripped out hippies.

Yet, Ibiza has it’s reputation for a reason, and the majority of visitors come for exactly what Ibiza is famed for. Wonderful beaches, cool vibes and all night partying. If that’s your scene – you won’t be disappointed. The island’s largest urban area – Ibiza City – is a charming whitewashed place which still retains a great deal of character and attracts enough weird and wonderful people to make a spot of people watching truly mind boggling, whilst the coast runs for kilometres with dozens of stunning spots to rest and recuperate.