It Rains In Spain

The Balearic Islands

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Guide to the Balearic Islands. It Rains in Spain.

The Balearic Islands

Due east of Valencia, the Balearic Islands are comprised of Mallorca, Menorca, Formentera and Ibiza – each with their own distinct flavour and attractions. The islands have always had a link to Catalonia, and their local tongue is a dialect of Catalan. Mallorca is the largest of the islands by far and welcomes the largest number of visitors, Menorca is an idyllic haven free from mass tourism, whilst Ibiza is the party isle. Formentera, a tiny speck floating in the Mediterranean is a largely untouched spot, ideal for winding down.

Yes, the mass tourism is here. The resorts are crowded and boisterous at times, but that is not where the Balearic Islands end. Olives and Almonds cover the terrain, and idyllic villages retain their character a mere stones throw from the resorts. Deserted Calas (inlets) aren’t as difficult to find as you’d think. You’ll come home from the Balearic Islands with a wildly different image than that widely portrayed.