It Rains In Spain


It Rains In Spain was created with one defining purpose in mind. To show the world what an amazingly diverse, wonderful and varied country Spain is to visit. The sun, sand and whitewashed villages are of course all a part of the rich tapestry of Spain, but the country offers so much more than that. From the cider, seafood and towering mountains in the north, to the parched meseta dotted with windmills and spectacular cuisine in the central area, Spain is a feast for the senses.

The Format of It Rains In Spain

We like to keep things simple and help to make your trip memorable and stress free. Sometimes the pages and pages of guidebooks can be disorientating and confusing, and the lists of hotels you are often presented with are mind boggling. “Your search for accomodation in Madrid found 1134 hotels” is hardly helpful and somewhat intimidating. On top of that they all seem to have both incredible reviews and worse-than-hell reviews to confuse you a little more.

So, at It Rains In Spain we present you with a short, sharp, thoroughly researched and experienced list of “Don’t Miss” activities in every city, town or village of note. We recommend the famous dishes you should order in every city, town or village. We make your life easy by recommending three hotels, one budget, one midrange and one luxury – all researched, stayed-in and loved by our writers. There is no copy and paste at It Rains In Spain – we’ve been to every one. Everything you need to know, in a nutshell.

At It Rains In Spain, we love to hear from our readers. So please, don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions, tidbits or recommendations.